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An Interview with erotica author Elena Charles



Q: What inspires you to write erotica?

A: I love adventure in every form, and I think the human body offers some of the best adventures of all. It’s about physical sensations, taste, sound… it all comes together in one mind-blowing experience.

And when you add travel to new places, new flavors, new toys, and new bodies in all shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless.

Q: What audience do you write for?

A: That’s a hard one. No pun intended! I’ve had gotten a thumbs up from both women and men. I like the sensual stuff, but I’m not afraid of explicit sex either. I’ve also had some women tell me I’m not romantic enough, and some guys tell me they can’t quite relate to some of the hearts and flowers. Most of all, I love sex for the sheer joy of it. If you like honest sex, you’ll like my work.

I’d love to get more feedback from my readers! Who are you? What do you like the most?

Q: Where are you from, originally?

A: I’m from a small town in southeast Texas. Some people would consider it the buckle on the Bible Belt. It took lots of years to escape that environment of repression, judgment and intolerance and find a place where I felt like I belonged. I lived in Houston for many years, which I loved, but then I came to Austin, and knew it was home. It’s like a tiny little island haven in the middle of the big ol’ Redneck Ocean.

Q: What’s the most exotic place you’ve ever had sex?

600px-Hubble_Interacting_Galaxy_ESO_593-8_(2008-04-24)A: Oh my. I’ve been lucky to have sex in some awesome places. I think my favorite places are outside, whether it’s watching a sunset, or stargazing. I remember laying on my back on a foam camping pad in Terlingua, Texas, staring up at Sagittarius, sharing the night with a really hot man. And another time I was out on the deck of a dive boat just off Honduras with the warm Caribbean Sea breezes adding their touch to his. Ahhh.

Q: What types of stories do you love to read?

A: I’m a Reader. I’ll read almost anything and everything. I do like strong women characters, and I like men that respect women. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun with bondage and role play, but in the end, they’re always participating as equals. Take me into space.. take me to the backwoods… just tell me a good story that includes some great sex.

Q: Where do you draw the line?

A: First, and most important, I’m very protective of kids and animals. They have no place in sex of any kind. If I catch you exploiting either one, I will happily cut off your dick and/or stake you to a fire-ant bed and leave you there.

I also don’t need to be peed on, and I don’t play with feces.  A girl has to have limits.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: My imagination is on a roll. I’ll be publishing more ebooks this year and doing a little more “exploring” of my own so I can share that with my readers! I can’t wait!

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